Senior Dog, Golden Years: How To Help A Senior Pet Age Gracefully

Golden Years: How To Help A Senior Dog Age Gracefully

It happens quicker than you think. One day you reach down to pet your pup, and you realize that they’re greying. One day you throw their favorite toy across the yard, and they don’t run after it as quickly as they used to. One day you notice they are having a little trouble getting up from their bed. Just like us, our four-legged family members slow down when they get older.

Dogs are considered seniors when they reach the last 25% of their life expectancy. This of course depends directly on their breed and size. As their body goes through changes as they age, your dog relies on you to change the way you care for them. That could mean new strategies to keep them active, a new diet, introducing new supplements, a new grooming schedule, and general changes to your behavior around them.

Getting old doesn’t mean your pup can’t enjoy many of the same things they used to, it might just take a little adjusting. Here’s how you can help your four-legged family member age gracefully!

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two dogs, Introducing A Second Dog To Your Home: How To Prepare And Do It Successfully,

Introducing A Second Dog To Your Home: How To Prepare And Do It Successfully

You’ve crunched the numbers, got the blessing of your dog (or reached a tentative agreement with your cat), found the perfect candidate at your local shelter, or decided on a reputable breeder, and now it’s official. You’re ready to introduce a new four-legged family member into your home.

Bringing a new dog into your home is a big deal! But, before you get too excited imagining the prospect of your new pup becoming best friends with the dog you already have at home or cuddling up and sharing naps with your cat, you’ll have to consider the best way to introduce them to your home.

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Here are the Winners of the 2021 DogWatch® Halloween Photo Contest!

DogWatch asked for the best Halloween photos of your pets in costume, and you delivered! We received hundreds of entries on Facebook and Instagram, and were thoroughly delighted by all of the spooky, silly, super-cute and fantastically creative costumes on display. And we want to give a special salute to all of the dogs who patiently posed for the photos – these good boys and girls have definitely earned some yummy dog treats and belly rubs!

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dog standing at front door, Welcome Home!: How To Transition a Rescue Dog Into A New Environment

Welcome Home!: How To Transition a Rescue Dog Into A New Environment

Adopting a dog not only saves a life, but it’s one of the most rewarding things you can do! Whether they were surrendered, rescued off the street, or were born in a shelter, your new four-legged family member will be grateful for their new home and will be eager to please their new humans.

They will also need time to adjust to their new surroundings, get used to a structured day-to-day routine, bond with each member of their new family, and may also require some training.

No matter how excited or welcoming your family is, entering a new home can be a stressful time for a rescue dog. Here’s how you can help alleviate their anxiety!
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