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Control Your Dog’s Spring Shedding with These 5 Grooming Hacks!

During the spring, dogs shed their winter coat as their summer coat comes in to adapt to the changing temperature and prepare for what’s ahead. They lose any damaged hair and grow new, healthy hair to protect their skin. This hair dump is even more dramatic for dogs with double coats and can leave your floors full of tumbleweeds and your clothes covered in fuzzies.

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5 Common Spring Hazards and How To Keep Your Dog Safe From Them

With spring in full swing and winter fading in the rearview, we think it’s safe to say the warm weather is officially here! That means getting outside with your pup for long walks and adventures in the great outdoors! 

However, even though the cold weather is gone, there are still potential threats to your dog’s health. Pesky critters, toxic plants, or chemicals can all spell potential danger for your pup. 

Here are five spring hazards and how to keep your dog safe from them.

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Dog-Friendly Plants That Will Make Your Garden Beautiful

You love gardening. You love dogs. Gardening plus dogs, however, is not always a winning combination. In addition to our 8-step Dog-Friendly Gardening Checklist, we’ve compiled a list of pet-safe plants for your spring garden, and some plants to avoid. Check it out, and share photos of your garden and your dogs on our Facebook pageRead post »

Astros Dog Day at Minute Maid Park

Dog-Friendly Major League Baseball Games for the 2024 Season

The 2024 Baseball season is officially underway! Did you know over a dozen MLB teams are inviting fans to bring their dogs to the ballpark for selected games? Find out if your favorite team hosting a “Bark in the Park” event this season by checking out our list below. Don’t miss out, share with your friends, and let’s play ball! Read post »