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3 dogs wearing the BigLeash Remote Trainer by DogWatch

How to Celebrate April with Your Canine Buddy

It’s almost time to celebrate National Pets Day (April 11)!

April 20 to April 26 is National Pet ID Week. If you haven’t microchipped your dog, this is a good time to reconsider. Most vets can insert the microchip that will assure you of being reunited with your pet should you ever be separated. For more information on this form of pet ID visit the ASPCA website.
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DogWatch Dealer Meeting 2013

A Resounding Success! DogWatch Dealer’s Meeting, 2013

The weekend of February 12 was an exciting time for DogWatch dealers! Approximately 175 people traveled to Orlando, Florida to participate in the 18th Annual DogWatch Dealer meeting. Attendees included representatives from 80 Dealerships who traveled from throughout the United States, Canada as well as Great Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark and Australia. A notably large number of new Dealers were in attendance.
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