Picking Your Puppy: How to Find the Perfect Canine Companion

Sheltie pupSo, you’ve decided to add a new puppy to your household. Congratulations! You’ve made a choice that will bring you years of happiness, laughter, and companionship and we here at DogWatch Hidden Fences couldn’t be happier for you! Now that you’ve made that initial decision, it’s time to make the even bigger decision: what puppy is right for you?

There’s a lot to consider when selecting the right puppy for your household. First and foremost is what breed (or breeds) would fit best with your household’s lifestyle. Every breed has its own unique traits and temperaments. It is important to consider that when choosing your puppy. It’s easy to fall in love with appearances, but if you select a puppy solely based on how it looks, you may bring it home and find that it just doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle, space, time and grooming commitments. For example, you may think a Sheltie puppy is adorable, but then you bring it home and discover that its innate energy level and need to herd things leaves you with a frustrated pup and a disaster of a house, or that you are just not able to keep up with its long, thick coat! Or, you could bring home a totally cute Pug puppy and quickly realize that its breathing difficulties and moderately low energy level and short legs means it’s not quite the jogging companion you had hoped for.

Here are some important things to consider when selecting a breed: Read post »

Announcing DogWatch Puppy Month and the DogWatch Cutest Puppy Facebook Contest!

Golden pupHere at DogWatch Hidden Fences, June makes us think of one thing above all else: PUPPIES! Hence, we’re declaring June to be Puppy Month. This month, we’ll be highlighting all things puppy on both our Dog Tails Blog and our Facebook page. Keep an eye out for informative blog posts on important topics such as how to pick the right puppy for you, what you’ll need before you bring it home, and what to do once you’ve gotten it home, as well as puppy-related updates to our Facebook page!

To properly kick off DogWatch Puppy Month, we’d like to introduce our DogWatch Cutest Puppy Facebook Contest! If you’re anything like us, you LOVE a chance to show off that little ball of fluff that makes your heart melt, so here’s your chance! Read on for details on how to enter, as well as judging and results, and good luck!

DogWatch Cutest Puppy Contest Rules

How to enter:

1)      Post a photo of your puppy OR a puppy photo of your older dog to DogWatch’s wall on Facebook. Do not post your entry on your DogWatch Dealer’s Facebook page; only photos submitted to the main DogWatch Facebook page wall will be eligible to win. You may enter multiple puppies, but please only submit one photo per pet. Please make sure to include the following in the photo’s caption:

–          Puppy’s name, age, and breed (if known)

–          Any amusing anecdotes about your puppy that you’d like to share

2)      Share the link to your puppy’s picture with your friends and family and ask them to VOTE for your puppy (and ask them to share the link with their friends, too!)  To VOTE, they will need visit the DogWatch Facebook page, and then “Like” the picture of your puppy. Also, please encourage your friends to “Like” the DogWatch Facebook page so that they can see the results on the contest.

Judging and Results:

1)      The contest will run from Thursday, June 2nd to Thursday, June 30th. The winning puppy will be determined by the picture with the most “Likes” at the end of the contest, and will be announced on the DogWatch Hidden Fences Facebook page and Dog Tails blog on Wednesday, July 6th.

2)      The winning puppy will be profiled on the DogWatch Facebook Page, as well as our Dog Tails blog and will receive a dog-friendly gift from DogWatch!

3)      Contest is open to all Facebook users. DogWatch dealers and their families ARE eligible.

4)      DogWatch Inc. reserves the right to use entered photos in future online and printed materials.

If you have any questions about the contest, please contact Heidi.fence@dogwatch.com.

Thanks, and Happy Puppy Month!

– DogWatch Hidden Fences

Puppy photo by Heather Ruiz via Flickr