After weeks of overdosing on cuteness as we’ve perused the puppy pics you entered in our Cutest Puppy Contest, we’re happy to announce the 2011 DogWatch Cutest Puppy Contest Winners!

Our winner, Rusty

Our winner, Rusty

First place goes to: RUSTY!

62 ‘Likes’

Rusty is an adorably fluffy Havanese who resides in Texas with his owner, Genesis. Scroll down to learn all about Rusty!

Our second-place winner, Zoey

Our second-place winner, Zoey

Second place goes to: ZOEY!

36 ‘Likes’

Zoey is an energetic Border Collie/Lab mix from Louisiana who makes her home with owner Tiffany and her family. Scroll down to learn more about Zoey!


Born: 2008

Adopted: 2008

Breed: Havanese mix

Likes: Animal cookies, running around, playing with his tennis ball, wagging his tail, “marking” car tires, barking

Dislikes: Cats, being bothered while he is eating (We hear you, Rusty; we don’t like people bugging us during our meals, either!)

Favorite toys: A tennis ball

How Rusty got his name: The person Rusty was adopted from gave Genesis name suggestions for him, and Rusty was the one she liked best

Something interesting about Rusty: When he was a puppy, he was so small and fluffy that he looked like a giant hairball!

Zoey Elizabeth

Born: March 17, 2011

Adopted: May 26, 2011 from Denham Springs Animal Shelter

Breed: Border Collie/Lab mix

Education: Currently enrolled in puppy kindergarten. She has learned “sit,” “stay,” “come,” and is working on “leave it.” Not bad for four months old! She also plans to get her Canine Good Citizen award and may try her hand at agility. We’re expecting big things from this little lady!

Likes: Running really fast, playing in water, licking people, eating socks and water bottles, dressing up,  meeting new people and dogs, riding in the car, swimming, chasing her ball and other toys, fetching tennis balls, and watching TV.  She even loves cats!

Dislikes: Baths, taking pills, the word “No”

Favorite toys: A 2-liter bottle with a treat in it. Zoey’s owner, Tiffany, says she can chase it around for hours! Zoey also likes her “Horsey,” a stuffed horse toy with shoelaces for a mane and a squeaker inside.

How Zoey got her name: “She was running around like crazy and we were trying to decide between Bella and Tippy, when it came to my Mom: ‘Zoey!’ she said, and Zoey ran right to her!” says owner Tiffany. “It also reminds me of ‘Zoey Monster’ from Sesame Street, the orange one. That’s her nickname when she’s being bad. My mom decided she needed a middle name and that’s how she became Zoey Elizabeth.”

Something neat about Zoey: She’s an artist! She’s learned how to paint by dipping her paws in paint and walking (or jumping enthusiastically) across a canvas. We look forward to seeing her work some day!

Celebrity status: Zoey has her own Facebook page, and currently has 169 fans!