Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a dog that digs. Whether your dog loves to cover herself in mud or mulch or dig grave-size holes in your backyard, we have some suggestions for you. Here are a few tips that we hope will help.

If your dog is a digger, the first thing to do is to try to figure out why the dog is digging. Is he looking for a cool spot to chill out when it is hot? If so, you may want to create a cool sanctuary in a spot where he cannot dig. When it is hot out, leave plenty of drinking water for him or perhaps even a shallow kiddie pool in the shade where he can cool-off (better wet than holes under the ferns!)

Is he trying to get at critters that may be just beneath the surface of the yard (moles, chipmunks, etc)? If so, then the critters need to go. For that, you may need to consider using live traps or a pest removal service. Or is he just bored? If so, then he may need more exercise, new toys, or a playmate to share the yard. Digging may just be part of what your dog does with his excess energy. More walks, runs, or trips to the dog park can work wonders with certain unwanted behaviors, including digging.

In addition to removing or minimizing the reasons to dig, there are also ways to create ‘off-limits’ areas and to train your dog that digging is not acceptable behavior.

If enjoying a good roll in your flower beds and freshly mulched landscaping are a delight for your pup and a disaster for your yard, DogWatch can help. A Hidden Fence can be used for more than just creating a perimeter boundary where pets can play safely in the yard. The Hidden Fence can also be used to create protected ‘off-limits’ areas where your pets are not allowed to play, such as gardens, shrubbery and sand boxes. It is also a good way to keep pets away from pools and other areas they may not be welcome. Installation is clean and simple and can be done in conjunction with a perimeter Hidden Fence or on its own. Find your local DogWatch dealer at and call them for a free in-yard estimate.

If the digging problem is at random spots throughout your yard, a Remote Trainer may be a helpful training tool. A Remote Trainer is a collar for your dog that delivers an audible sound, a vibration, or a static correction which you initiate from a hand-held transmitter (about the size of a cell phone.) When the dog begins digging, you send a signal to the collar. This distracts the dog from the behavior. Some dogs respond to just a sound or a vibration, other dogs may need the static correction to distract them. If this ‘annoying’ signal is repeated whenever the dog digs, the dog will learn that digging is an unacceptable behavior. Remote Trainers can also be used to help your dog learn basic training commands. You can learn more about Remote Trainers at

We hope these suggestions will help you and your digging dog live together in peace and harmony. And remember, dogs have a natural instinct to dig for a multitude of reasons. Don’t begrudge them a little mud and mess from time-to-time. They are just doing what they are meant to do!