Labor Day weekend is here, and while we all love a fun weekend adventure, this end-of-summer holiday is also a bittersweet. So before the days get even shorter and the leaves (and temperatures) fall, we encourage you to get outside with your dog for summer’s last hurrah!

If you’re looking for some ideas for games to play with your dog and the whole family, check out our list below. We’ve included videos, too, and they’re guaranteed to make you smile.

Puppy Pool Party

Before you retire your kiddie pool for the season, take it out one last time for a puppy pool party! These black Lab puppies certainly make the most of their pool time.

Ball Pit Mayhem

If your pup is not a fan of water, you can still join in on the pool-based fun. Instead of dragging out the hose, fill up your kiddie pool with dog toys, plastic balls or empty plastic water bottles, toss in a handful of kibble, and let your dog enjoy some water-free backyard fun.

Hide and Seek

A oldie but a goodie, Hide and Seek is a game your toddlers and your puppies will enjoy.

Source: Clever Dog Finds Toddler Hiding In Backyard by SamsonAndSebastian on Rumble

Treat Hunt

A doggie treat hunt is the perfect game for the whole family to play. While the dog is inside and distracted by one person, the rest of the family hides your dog’s favorite treats in various places around the yard. You can hide the treats in Easter eggs or KONG toys to make it even more challenging for your dog. Then let the dog loose to hunt down every last one!

If your dog loves this game, then you can try more nose games or even sign him up for a scent training class!

Red Light, Green Light

Remember that old schoolyard game “Red Light, Green Light”? With a few tweaks, this game can be a fun way to work with your dog on the very important “come” and “stay” commands. Instead of a saying “red light” to stop and “green light” to go, tell your dog (and your human players) to “stay” and “come.” Don’t forget the treats for a job well done.

Who knows, your dog may be a secret stealth master, like Finnegan here!

Happy Labor Day weekend, and we hope you all had a wonderful summer!

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The Pet Collective
Carol Wolfram