This Mother’s Day, the DogWatch Hidden Fences team wants to celebrate a special breed of moms. Here are five reasons why we love all the dedicated, diligent and delightful Dog Moms out there, presented by the dogs of DogWatch!

Happy Mother's Day from the Dogs of DogWatch!

1. Our Moms play with us.

Some dog moms wake up early to take us out for a run. Others stay up late when we need just a little more playtime. Some even drive across town on their days off to take us to our favorite dog park! They give us lots of squeaky toys, tennis balls, frisbees and other awesome toys like that fancy pair of sunglasses we ate the other day (sorry about that Mom). And our favorite playtime is when Mommy rolls around and acts silly just like us!

2. Our Moms give us yummy treats.

We LOVE treats, and Mom always has the best ones. Chicken, beef, cheese, peanut butter, yogurt – we want it all, and Mom gives it to us (especially when we ask nicely). Of course, Mom also makes sure we don’t eat too many of these tasty treats. Sure, we may sulk for a bit when she says no, but we know deep down that Mom is looking out for us, and making sure we stay healthy. They’re very smart, our Moms.

3. Our Moms clean up our (many, many) messes.

OK, so us dogs are not the cleanest animals out there. In fact, we’re crazy messy. We love jumping in mud puddles, swimming in smelly ponds, rolling around in the dirt, sticking our heads in trash cans, destroying our expensive dog beds and so on. We’re just dogs being dogs! We know Moms are often stuck cleaning up our messes, and we just want to take this moment to say “Thanks.” And we’ll try to stay out of trouble…some of the time.

4. Our Moms gave us our forever home.

The day our Moms took us home was the day our lives changed forever. We became part of a family. Family is the most important thing in the world to us; yes, even more important than treats. Thanks Mom, for picking us, and for giving us a place to rest our heads every night and a family (be they big or small) to give our hearts to.

5. Our Moms love us so much, and we love them, too!

Moms are so funny. They talk in silly voices, call us silly names and play silly games with us. But most importantly, they love us and protect us. Even when we trample the flowers, chew the remote, “do our business” in the laundry room, jump on Grandma, they forgive us and help us learn. They even love us when we get older, and need help climbing the stairs and hearing their calls and finding the food bowl. They are there for us no matter what, and we’re more than happy to give them our unconditional love in return. Thanks Mom, for everything!