Rescue dogs are an important part of our lives here at DogWatch. Former shelter pups help DogWatch Dealers train new customers, roam the halls of our headquarters in Natick, MA and inspire us everyday. To help pay it forward, we are pleased to introduce our first Adopt Me Wednesday dog of 2017: Isabella, a striking and sweet 8 month old Australian Cattle Dog/Ibizan Hound mix.

(Note: when Isabella and her sister Valentina were listed on Petfinder, their names were confused. Thus, Isabella’s listing is under her sister’s name, Valentina.)

Isabella is currently being fostered by Kimberley of DogWatch by C No Pet Fence on behalf of All Herding Breed Dog Rescue of Illinois (AHBDR). AHBDR is a rescue organization based in Joliet, Illinois that specializes in Australian Cattle Dogs, Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, Corgis, Shepherds and other herding mixes.


Though she now lives outside of Chicago, Isabella started life in Texas, where she was rescued as a young puppy by AHBDR along with her sister Valentina and mom Solavina. Valentina and Solavina have already found their forever homes, and now it’s Isabella’s turn!

Kimberley tells us that Isabella is “a funny dog. Very clownish.” Isabella has a lovable spirit, and enjoys playing with humans and Kimberley’s other dogs, including two Cattle Dogs also rescued by AHBDR.

Despite being mixed breeds with an unknown history prior to their rescue, Isabella and her family do share a similar color pattern, bright amber eyes and large, erect ears that all suggest that they are part Ibizan Hound. Ibizan Hounds developed 2000 years ago on the island of Ibiza (off the coast of Spain) and are fast, lean sighthounds known for their skill at hunting rabbits and other small game. Kimberley tells us that Isabella displays many personality traits associated with Ibizan Hounds, including independence, sensitivity, love of family and a talent for humorous antics.

Isabella (left) and her sister Valentina (center) and mom Solavina (right)

Isabella (left) and her sister Valentina (center) and mom Solavina (right)

Isabella is not a big barker, but she has been known to chew things when she’s unsupervised – not surprising, as she’s only 8 months old. Kimberley reports that she is “not super snuggly. But when she’s ready to sleep she will curl up next to me on the bed.” Isabella is crate trained.

Isabella may benefit from having a sibling in her forever home, as she can be a bit timid by herself. According to Kimberley, Isabella shies away from “dogs she’s unfamiliar who get too much in her face. Once she’s good and wants to play then she has no issue.”

Her sister Valentina now shares a home with a new “little brother,” a pug named Bam Bam. (See photo below.) Perhaps her sister will find her own little buddy to her keep company – we hope so!

Valentina with brother Bam Bam the pug

Isabella’s sister Valentina with her new brother Bam Bam the Pug. Perhaps you have a pup like Bam Bam who needs a friend? Consider Isabella!

For more information about Isabella, please email If you are in the Joilet, IL area and are interested in meeting Isabella, please fill out an application at

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Photos courtesy of All Herding Breed Dog Rescue of Illinois Facebook page.