Is your family sick of arguing about what to watch on TV tonight? DogTails is here to help! We’ve searched Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and more of the most popular streaming services, and rounded up the best movies and TV shows about our favorite subject: dogs! Animated classics, outrageous comedies, touching dramas, fascinating documentaries – there’s something on this list for everybody. So dim the lights, get the popcorn ready, snuggle with your canine pals, and press play!


Dogs (Season 1, 2018) [TV-PG]

This documentary series tells six inspiring tales of dogs and the extraordinary impact they have the lives of their caretakers. The first episode shows the growing bond between a young girl and her service dog. Other stories include the struggle of a Syrian refugee to rescue his beloved Husky from his war-torn home, and the journey of 31 rescue dogs from a crowded shelter in Texas to their new homes in New York City.

Netflix announced last year that they’ll be producing more episodes of Dogs – so stay tuned for season 2!

The Artist (2011) [PG-13]

Winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture, The Artist is a delightful black-and-white throwback to the days of silent film in old Hollywood. Despite winning performances by Jean Dujardin as dashing movie star George Valentin and Bérénice Bejo as sparkling aspiring actress Peppy Miller, the real star of the show (in our opinion) is George’s Jack Russell Terrier, played by a talented canine actor named Uggie. Uggie steals every scene he’s in, and if they gave Oscars for pet performances, he’d be our pick!

Here’s Uggie “speaking” to reporters to promote the movie. What a star!


Best in Show (2000) [PG-13]

This hilarious “mockumentary” takes on the world of dog shows, and the dog-crazy owners who make up this unique subculture. Director Christopher Guest recruits his regular players, including former Glee star Jane Lynch, and gives them free reign to improvise. The result is one of the most entertaining films of the past decade, and a must-see for dog lovers everywhere. (Parents: the film does feature some adult language and themes, so it may not be appropriate for children under 13.) Not only will it make you laugh, it will make you feel better about your own obsessive dog-related habits!

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009) [G]

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Also based on a true story, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale is a touching cinematic portrait of a dog’s unwavering devotion to his family. Richard Gere stars as a college professor named Parker Wilson, who finds a lost Akita puppy at a train station on his way home from work. The two form an immediate bond and Parker and his wife Cate (Joan Allen), who never planned on getting a dog, welcome the abandoned dog into their home.

Hachi is based on the life of a real dog named Hachikō, who lived in Japan in the 1920s. The Akita used to follow his owner, a professor at University of Tokyo named Hidesamuro Ueno, to the train station every morning and wait for him to return at the end of the day. To tell you more of the story may give away too much of the film’s plot, but safe to say, bring tissues for this one.


Lady and the Tramp (1955) [G] and (2019) [PG]

Opposites attract when streetwise mutt Tramp meets Lady, a refined Cocker Spaniel. Who could forget their “first date” and that spaghetti kiss? Revisit cinema’s most famous canine couple by watching the 1955 animated original or the 2019 live-action remake – both are now available on Disney+!

How Dogs Got Their Shapes (2016) [TV-PG]

Disney+ is also home to a number of pet-themed shows and movies produced by National Geographic. One of these titles we enjoyed was How Dogs Got Their Shapes. This fascinating and fun documentary shines a light on the wide variety of canine shapes to explain how each aspect plays a pivotal role in the evolution, history and behavior of distinct dog breeds. From long tails to floppy ears to neck folds to curly coats, you’ll enjoy learning the origins of the favorite features of your pets!


Well Groomed (2019) [TV-G]

Well Groomed is a documentary that explores the exuberant world of competitive dog grooming and follows the lives of dog owners who are challenging the definition of art. Watch as these talented groomers work against the clock to transform their dogs into tigers, dinosaurs, muppets, turkeys and more using hair dye, scissors and a lot of creativity. And follow them home to learn about what drives them to compete in this unique field. The creativity on display is remarkable – trust us, you’ve never seen doggie hair-dos like these before!

And one for the Cat Fans!

Kedi (2017)

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Kedi is a fascinating and beautiful documentary that tells the story of seven unique, feisty, challenging and lovable cats who are among the hundreds of thousands of cats who roam freely in the streets of Istanbul, Turkey.


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