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A Decade of Dogs

The Top Dog Stories of the Decade

The decade is almost over, and DogTails wants to review it the way we know best – A Decade of Dogs! Below are some of the most memorable dog (and cat!) stories from 2010 through 2019. Enjoy, and a Happy New Year to hound and human alike. Here’s to a great 2020! Read post »

2015 Year in Dog - photo credits at bottom of page

2015: The Year in Dogs

As we approach the New Year, it’s time to review some of the highlights of 2015. No, we are not talking about the year’s biggest news stories, best movies, songs of the summer or most memorable sports moments. Dog Tails wants to review 2015 the way we know best – the Year in Dogs! Below are some of the most memorable dog stories of the past year. Enjoy, and a Happy New Year to hound and human alike!

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Military working dog

Veterans Day Salute to War Dogs

Every November 11, our nation honors the brave men and women who went to war to defend our country. The DogWatch team joins in this salute, and thanks all veterans for their courageous service. In honor of this important day, DogTails is devoting this week’s post to the subject of veterans. With so many heroes to praise, we turn our attention to the subject we know best: dogs.
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German Shepherd, European line

The Americanization of the German Shepherd: Changing Needs, Changing Breeds

When you think of a police dog or military dog, the first thing that pops into your mind is most likely a German shepherd. German shepherds (also known as Alsatians) have become synonymous with canines in law enforcement, and for good reason. They are loyal, determined, hard-working, confident, and near-fearless dogs who are happiest when they have a job to do. Their innate need to protect their people, coupled with their strong senses of smell and vision and excellent endurance and athleticism make the German shepherd one of the most well-suited breeds for a career in law enforcement, military, or guard work.

In fact, everything about the German shepherd connotes a noble, trustworthy, incorruptible companion and protector. From the regal, chiseled head and muzzle to the broad shoulders and strongly-muscled legs, to the dignity of its posture, the German shepherd dog simply demands respect.
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