Most dog owners (especially those with, shall we say, “difficult” dogs) know who Cesar Millan is. Called the Dog Whisper, the self-taught Millan is well-known for his success in training particularly aggressive dogs. His methodology? Helping dogs find “balance” by utilizing his understanding of “dog psychology,” combined with “calm-assertive energy” and his “fulfillment forumula”: exercise, then discipline, then finally affection.

DogWatch dealer Dave Wingfield of Hudson Valley Boundaries was recently able to attend one of Millan’s seminars on his “Trust Your Instincts” tour, and had the chance to have a meet & greet with Millan backstage. During their chat, Millan noticed Wingfield’s DogWatch shirt. When Wingfield asked if he approved, Millan said, “Of course. Dogs must have boundaries.” That statement in and of itself sums up Millan’s ethos as a trainer: in order for dogs to be truly happy and healthy, they must have boundaries. DogWatch Hidden Fences, Indoor Boundaries, and Remote Trainers are all useful and appropriate components in providing such boundaries.
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