If you’re like most dog lovers you like to share your world with your pup. He comes along when you go fishing, lends a paw when you’re gardening, and is always up for a quick trip to the hardware store. You pet him, talk to him, and best of all, play games with him.

It should come as no surprise then to learn that people are happily introducing their canine friends to their digital world. We’ve rounded-up some apps designed to engage and entertain your dog.

A simple game for the iPad or iPhone, Game for Dogs, features critters scurrying across the screen. Some dogs are just intrigued while some try to capture Squirrelly Sam, or others of the cute little creatures, which leaves digital paw prints on the screen. The app itself is free, but it remains to be seen how your screen will hold up to your pet’s spirited attentions.

If your dog loves his squeaky toys, iSqueek will introduce him to the digital version. A virtual squeak toy for the iPhone, it has 18 toys to choose from, each with a distinct squeaky sound, the duration of which is controlled by your touch. Grab your dog’s attention with his favorite squeaky sound.

While iSqueek might excite your dog Pet Acoustics claims to sooth and calm dogs at times of stress using frequency, volume, and rhythm specifically attuned to a dog’s hearing sensitivities.

Dognition maintains that their system of games and activities are scientifically designed to help owners better communicate and interact with their dogs by classifying the dogs’ learning styles and personality types. Whether it’s important to you to know if your dog is an Ace, an Einstein, a Renaissance Dog, or one of Dognition’s other types, or not, the games and activities look like they’d be fun for both you and your dog.

If you love posting pictures of your adorable pet, you might find Dog Boogie or Pet Snap to be useful. Both of them use sounds to get your dog’s attention as you take a picture. Dog Boogie also includes 5 photo filters, easy sharing, and a puppy profile builder. PetSnap features 32 sounds and 7 photo frames to show off your pics.

Find out if your dog has latent artistic talent with App For Dog. This truly entertaining dog app actually has 3 separate functions, a painting game, Yes/No buttons, and a classic dog-training clicker. The yes/no buttons produce one of three sounds and is activated by the touch of nose or paw. The clicker can also be set to any one of three sounds to be used for training. But our favorite is the painting game. Your dog can create colorful pictures by touching the screen with his nose or paw in this colorful game. Each touch creates a splash of color. You can see it working on this funny video. The final piece of multi-hued art can be saved for sharing or printed and taped to your refrigerator along with the work of the other artists in your family.

Now when your dog brings you his ball or lays his favorite stick at your feet, you can reciprocate by sharing your favorite toy with him. Have fun!