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Dog Tails Dog of the Month Ludivine

Dog Tails Dog of the Month: Ludivine the Marathon Bloodhound

We’re starting a new tradition in the new year – the Dog Tails Dog of the Month! In this feature, we’ll share fun, adventurous, inspiring stories of dogs who have made headlines and captured our hearts.

Our first Dog Tails Dog of the Month is Ludivine, a Bloodhound from Alabama who became a sensation earlier this month when she accidentally joined a half-marathon race in her hometown. How did Ludivine go from a “lazy girl” to a world-famous dog athlete? Read on to find out!
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2015 Year in Dog - photo credits at bottom of page

2015: The Year in Dogs

As we approach the New Year, it’s time to review some of the highlights of 2015. No, we are not talking about the year’s biggest news stories, best movies, songs of the summer or most memorable sports moments. Dog Tails wants to review 2015 the way we know best – the Year in Dogs! Below are some of the most memorable dog stories of the past year. Enjoy, and a Happy New Year to hound and human alike!

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Two Old English Sheepdogs

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Deaf Dogs

The third week of September is Deaf Dog Awareness Week. This week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate all the wonderful deaf dogs out there, who are living full and diverse lives as beloved family pets, therapy dogs, dog athletes, adoption advocates, and more. Here are five things you may not know about deaf dogs, and all the things they are capable of! Read post »

Tripp wishes you a happy National Dog Day

Today Is National Dog Day. What Is It and What’s the Deal With All The Dog Days?

Today is National Dog Day! When you visit your favorite social media site today, you’ll see lots of photos, videos, tributes, shareable stories and lots of #NationalDogDay hashtags. We love to join in on these fun events on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. − after all, we’re all about dogs at DogWatch! But with more and more of these national “days” popping up throughout the year, we wondered, “Where do all these “days” come from? Who creates them and why?”

To answer some of these questions, we looked into the origins of some of the most popular pet-related holidays.

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