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Dog Travels, Part II: Life Is a Highway

Summer is the season of barbeques, beach days, and of course, car trips.  Most of us will embark on at least one long car trip to our favorite seaside destination or to a family reunion or to another vacation destination.  Will you bring your pet along for ride?nina_car

Part II of the DogTails travel series tackles car travel with your dog.  Far more common and less costly than traveling by air with your furry friend, car travel nonetheless requires careful planning on the part of pet owners.

DogWatch Hidden Fences wants to make this journey easier, safer and happier for you, your family and your pet.  The list is modeled after that other summer tradition – weddings.  It begins with a seating chart, moves on to the menu and finishes with the proper decorations for your special guest.

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Dog Travels, Part I: Leaving on a Jetplane

Dog Air TravelThere’s no denying the fact that air travel is a scary experience for some people.  Remember your first flight?  Did you grasp your parent’s or your partner’s hand tightly?  Did you breathe faster?  Did your forehead sweat, and did you fidget nervously in your seat?

Chances are that you experienced these first flight jitters (and maybe some second or third flight jitters too).  Imagine, then, what your dog is feeling before his or her first flight.  He or she will most likely be anxious, confused and vocal.  It is your job to make sure that your dog is capable of and prepared for air travel.

DogWatch Hidden Fences wants to help.  This summer, Dog Tails will offer a series of posts with pet travel tips and information.  For our first installment, we’ll start big with airplane travel.  We’ve broken down the preparation process into three steps: 1) Know your options, 2) Schedule a Vet Appointment and 3) Pack Wisely.

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