4th of July Dog

Preparing Fido for the Fourth

Independence Day (the 4th of July) is next week (can you believe it?), and may towns are opting to have their fireworks displays this weekend. If you’ve been through this holiday with your pup before, you probably have a good idea as to how he will react. Some dogs are surprisingly fine with the flash and bang of fireworks, but a good number tend to get scared and agitated, and may even try to run away to escape the show. Runaway dogs many not find their way home and end up in shelters (if they are not microchipped or wearing proper identification), or they may get injured (or worse) trying to cross streets or highways or traveling through areas with large predators like bears, mountain lions, or coyotes. Our best suggestion is to keep your dog inside for the festivities. If you DO decide to have him outside with you, make sure he has proper ID on him and is either securely leashed, properly fenced in (like a DogWatch Hidden Fence system) or on a sturdy dog run.
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Traveling? Try One of These Dog-Friendly Cities

With the school year ending soon and summer vacations ahead of us, many people will be packing up the car and piling in their pets for some sun and fun. Looking for a vacation destination that will be just as great for Fido as it is for you? Check out DogWatch’s list of pet-friendly cities for some awesome options. From off-leash dog parks to doggie-friendly dining and public transportation, these cities have it all!
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Rover’s Resolutions: Who Says an Old Dog Can’t Pick up Some New Tricks?

Many New Year’s resolutions are already in the rear view mirror. These DogWatch dogs are keeping their resolutions. If your dog had a New Year’s resolution, what would it be? We consulted with a panel of dogs and cats, and here’s what they came up with. We hope this gets your new year off on the right paw!

The Panel

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DogWatch’s Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Owners

It’s hard to believe the holidays are already upon us, but sure enough, Hannukah starts tomorrow(!) and Christmas is on Sunday. To help you with your last-minute shopping, here’s DogWatch’s gift guide for the pet owner in your life.

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